3 quick & easy ways to make Beatport-charting tracks

How to sound as good as your favorite artists and put out enough consistently good music to build a career out of...

If you’ve got 5 minutes to listen to this story, I can guarantee you the breakthrough your music (and music career) so desperately needs right now.

Have you ever felt absolutely frustrated by the lack of growth and progress in my music career? 🤔

Or maybe one of these sound more familiar:

…not getting enough attention from promoters, labels or DJs? 👎

…songs not getting finished fast enough (and when they do get finished.. they sound like shit)? 🤢

There’s nothing worse than knowing you have massive potential and can achieve your dreams…

While also NOT knowing what is wrong or how to make the massive change your life needs.

I know this first-hand because I’ve been there. 3 times. And the 1st time that I hit rock-bottom with my music like that… I almost gave up entirely.

We can agree that music is the best and the idea of being able to make a living by making and playing music is intoxicating.

Every other option for work and lifestyle all sound simply awful and not worthwhile in comparison.

I knew I had to turn things around and start making this music thing work for me, so this is what I did…

How an artist at their wit’s end (finally) turned things around...

In 2019, I personally committed to writing and releasing a new song every single week for the entire year as ‘Best Friends Club’ (don’t worry.. you’ll learn more about the name another day).

That turned into 52 songs by the end of the year.

Not just loops. Not just completed songs. But 100% finished songs that were released and put online.

…so what happened in those 52 weeks?

I did a lot of experimenting and a heck of a lot of time inside of Ableton live. Something’s worked and somethings didn’t.

Although (mostly) approaching writing and producing without any solid structure or workflow leaded to mixed results, there were some pretty cool wins…

Martin Garrix playlisted one of my 52 songs…

For example: the one time in that year that I decided to produce by using a reference track, the song ended up being added to Martin Garrix’s Spotify playlist when I released the song the year after…

I was shocked and pretty excited when this happened, I’m not gonna lie, and unfortunately, as cool as this moment was… this did simply skyrocket my music career to the next level.

I had to keep going…

What (really) happened after I wrote 52 songs..

Now not all songs I wrote during this time were amazing but by the end of the year:

✅ I levelled up my songwriting and music production skills dramatically

✅ I no longer had to wait for “inspiration” to strike (I could just write & finish a song when I wanted to!)

✅ I started to build a real living and breathing audience online

✅ I had 52 songs to select from for proper releases for the following year

Which all leads me to the very 1st key that I want you to take in today:

🔑 #1

Making music the focus (by committing to writing lots of it) is THE best way to make progress.

So now that I had levelled up my music (and actually had something to show for it) what did I do next?

I did 2 things:

  1. I took the best songs that I wrote and started to release them monthly on Spotify.
  2. I continued to write enough material so that I could KEEP releasing songs every month

I then repeated step 2 over and over and over for 2 full years without taking a single break.

…so what was the result of once again committing to the music?

By the end of the 2 years, I had:

✓ Properly released 30+ songs online

✓ Racked up 6.5+ million Spotify streams

✓ Placed my songs on over 25 official Spotify and Apple Music playlists

✓ Got my songs signed to boutique record labels like Eton Messy (UK), Fresh Goodies (NL), Stereo Ferment (CAN) and Boogie Room (MEX)

With that said, the most important thing that I had accomplished was learning the secret to the 2nd key…

🔑 #2

KEEP music the focus by committing to continue writing, improving, and releasing music.

Unfortunately, it was after this wave of success that things started to take a turn for the worst…

And PLEASE pay attention here because I do NOT want you to ever fall into the same trap…

Near the end of the 2nd year of ruthlessly writing and releasing songs, I noticed my music career was.. Stagnating. Plateauing. Sucking ass.

When I finally paused to take a look at the reason why I could clearly see that I was because:

❌ I was overly obsessing with stream counts

❌ I had the music creation process on autopilot to drive “Spotify growth”

And as a result..

I wasn’t growing as an artist, the music suffered, and my music career stalled completely.

At this point, I had achieved some (minor) successes and was heartbroken that things weren’t simply continuing to effortlessly get better and better for me each and every day.

I wanted to continue to get my music heard and take things to the next level by having proper DJs spin my stuff and having bigger labels release my stuff…

But the complete opposite had started to happen all because I had lost my focus.

Which leads me to the 3rd and final key for today…

🔑 #3

Continue to keep the music your focus… at your own peril. 

(especially after you get some success).

Getting better at music and seeing the growth you want to see in your music career is all about growth and consistency - if you ignore these 2 things, you ignore your music.

My goals had gotten higher, but it took too long for me to optimize my workflow and processes to reflect those newer and more ambitious goals.

It took too long for me to realize that I made the mistake of blindly putting out music without actually focusing on making it the best it can be.

Make the “big leap” with your music..

So, in 2024, I made the big leap to (finally) start focusing on the music again by once again committing to writing a new song every single week.

But this time things had to be different to reflect my new goals…

Instead of self-releasing everything, I’d release demoes to DJs, labels, channels, and my fanbase to get feedback and build a support network before pitching to larger labels.

Instead of blindly writing songs, I’d improve each and every song by using proven songs in the Beatport Top 100 charts as reference tracks.

This change got me excited about the music again, I started innovating new processes (like you’ve seen on my YouTube channel), and finishing songs faster by optimizing my workflow and templates.

In a short amount of time, i noticed my quality shoot up, attention from DJs and higher level producers, and most importantly… things felt right again.

And, today, I want you to feel the same amount of excitement and pride in YOUR music and music career as I do...


Take those 3 keys and join me in making Beatport-charting tracks that sound like your favorite artists...

In 2024, I’m taking a song in the Beatport Top Charts and using it as a reference track to inspire my own original songs. Every. Single. Week.

By using “reference tracks” like this, I’m producing songs that are at the same quality of songwriting, mixing, and structure as songs that are able to crack the Beatport charts.

And if you want to join me on this journey of learning how to consistently produce music that is capable of topping the charts, gaining label and DJ attention, and smashing through our goals as artists…

I have something very special just for you...

How To Make Beatport Chart-Topping Tracks

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