The Truth About What It Takes To Use Facebook Ads To Get 1,000,000 Spotify Streams

There are 2 reasons that using Facebook Ads to grow your Spotify streams are SO annoying:

1 - It can be frustrating to get right and easy to lose to money.

2 - They really can get fantastic and life-changing results for artists and musicians.

...maybe I should explain myself a bit for that 2nd point...

It's annoying that Facebook Ads can get such great results for artists because it means that today's artist and musician can't ignore digital ads anymore.

Which then means you need to figure out how to overcome the 1st point I mentioned.

Does this sound familiar to you...?

Alright, grab a hot cup of somethin' because it's story-time, my friend:

Over the 15+ years I've been trying to make it in music, I've spent quite a bit of my own hard-earned money on different advertising platforms from Facebook to YouTube and Google.

More money than I'd like to admit:

...and the sad truth is that most of the ad campaigns that I tried were completely failed experiments.

Through the years, I've also experimented with live shows, album launches, Facebook Messenger bot experiences, PR, social media, playlist pitching...

You name it, I've probably tried it.

And after spending all of this time and money on what wasn't really working for me, I'm almost ashamed to admit that I almost did the unforgivable...

I almost decided to give up on really pursuing music.

Thankfully, I didn't give up.

Because it wouldn't be too long before I started seeing results like these:

And now I no longer have to waste my time, energy, or money on strategies and campaigns that don't help me grow my Spotify streams and music career. how exactly did I figure this out?

The Day Everything Changed For Me...

Love it or hate it...

Spotify has really leveled the playing field by allowing free access to reach new listeners and streams for free through their algorithmic & editorial playlists.

And to be honest... I was extremely anti-Spotify for the longest time.

I'd put some music up there but I hardly cared to promote those releases let alone spend any of my hard-earned money to advertise those songs.

In April 2020, I had a "more-important-than-usual" type of release so I decided to throw a bit of Facebook advertising dollars behind the release.

I didn't spend much at all and the results weren't insane, but I definitely got much more than my usual 10 or 20 streams per month:

So I decided to run more of these limited-budget Facebook Ads for my next release, which now looks like this:

Now neither one of these days were the day that everything changed for me...

For the next few months, I kept releasing new music and fine-tuning how I ran my Facebook Ads.

There were ups and downs, winners and losers... and I just kept at it.

On November 9th 2020, I released a song called 'Lofi Nights'.

Take a look at the amount of streams this bad boy has right now:

It turns out, that by consistently releasing new music and sending highly targeted listeners to that new music...

You can not only catch the attention of the Spotify algorithm but also the Spotify editors.

So I did what any other sane person would do in this situation: I did NOT stop there.

I continued to release new music, fine-tune my ads, fine-tune my marketing, and fine-tune my music promotion activities...

To the point where my total amount of streams now looks like this:

..and today, I want to share with you exactly how I did this, my friend. 🤗

Although Facebook Ads is just one part of the formula for impressive Spotify growth..

It's quite a big part.

And by mastering this tool, you can use it to turn on an automatic fan generation machine whenever you want to.

Once you've learned how to run optimized Facebook Ads, your success can grow as fast and as high as you have ad money to spend.

With that said...

The truth is that you don't need to spend a lot to get great results.

I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate, so I made sure to figure out a way to run campaigns with as small of a budget as possible.

However, you do need to know how to run your music promotion campaigns properly by:

  • Maximizing your ad budget
  • Improving your results every release
  • Making sure not to 'burn out' by spending or working too hard

This is exactly what the Facebook Ads For Spotify Success Bundle is specifically designed to teach you.

..and the best part?

I personally ran these campaigns all by myself and got these results even though I started my journey with:

  • No fanbase (I didn't even tell my friends and family) 
  • No connections
  • On a shoestring budget (I'm cheap af)
  • While working a full-time job

So here's what you'll discover inside of Facebook Ads For Spotify Success:

Here's Everything You'll Discover

  • How to actually run Facebook ads for Spotify growth so you can find real fans who like similar artists, genres and music to yours
  • How to run your campaigns with a shoestring budget and 0% stress yet still get incredible results
  • How to improve your results every single release so that you your releases get better and easier every time
  • Start growing your numbers on auto-pilot so that you can sit back and relax on release day instead of worrying you aren't doing enough to promote your music
  • Make the algorithm work for you by hacking the Spotify algorithm with Facebook Ads to send free streams and real listeners to your music

It's time to finally put your release campaign together and launch it.

Then, Facebook Ads For Spotify Success will show you how to adjust your strategy based on your initial results so that you can improve your stream and follower counts release after release.

Some might call it giving the algorithm a bit of a nudge with a few ads and some might call it "hacking" the algorithm.

Either way, it doesn't require an eye-watering ad spend budget and it can work for any type of music genre.

See for yourself:

What "Hacking" The Algorithm Really Looks Like

Take a look at the results that both my students and I personally have achieved with the strategies and tactics you are about to discover:

  • Tap to view the Editorial playlists


Best Friends Club


4 Spotify Editorial Placements

Lofi Nights

Best Friends Club


7 Spotify Editorial Placements


Best Friends Club


9 Spotify Editorial Placements

i love everything

shy kids


Head Rush

Art d'Ecco


1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Killer Cut Offs (Remix)



1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Note: The above numbers reflect streams on Spotify only and as of July 15th, 2021


...are you ready to learn how you can join us, my friend?

Here's Everything You Get With Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

Facebook Ads For Spotify Success is an online course and set of bonuses and guides that will show you how to actually run Facebook Ads for Spotify growth.

This course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense training to walk you through my entire process for running Facebook Ad campaigns that go from zero to 1,000,000 streams.

✔️ Facebook Ads For Spotify Success | $50 Value

Put your ad campaign together and learn how to adjust the strategy based on your initial results so that you can improve your stream and follower counts. Run your ads with confidence knowing that your tracking and installation has been set up without any errors that can cost you conversion and streams down the line.

✔️ Find Your Fans™  Audience Targeting Guide | $50 Value

More than any other factor, targeting your campaign to the right potential fans is what can really make or break a Release Campaign. Learn how to laser-target your fanbase with this bonus guide.

But that's not all I want to send you...

I am also going to give you instant access to 3 bonus resources that will help you run successful music promotion campaigns with limited time and money so that you can grow your Spotify streams with less stress and frustration.


Tried & True Templates | $67 Value

Get started faster with the exact smart link, social media, and video ad templates I personally used to get over 3.5 million Spotify streams.

Skip the 1,000s of dollars and hours I spent A/B testing different ideas with these conversion-optimized templates.


Hack The Spotify Algorithm Handbook| $50 Value

Learn how the secrets of the Spotify algorithm so that you can build out a proven music marketing strategy that gets your sweet Spotify streams, monthly listeners, and fans - even if you are totally new.


Direct contact & support | $250 Value

Get direct contact and support from your teacher (aka me!). I'm 100% dedicated to helping get you results and will personally work with you to make sure you do.

Get Instant Access Today

  • Facebook Ads For Spotify Success ($50 Value)
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That comes out to a total value of $467.

But you get everything today for just $7.

Why such a steep discount?

At the top of this page I said this: today's artist and musician can't ignore digital ads anymore.

...and I really did mean that.

Which is exactly why I don't want something dumb like a high price to stop any artists or musicians from gaining access to this valuable info.

In fact, I'm so confident that if you're unsatisfied for absolutely any reason at all, just email me at within 60 full days of placing your order and I'll refund you with no questions asked.

So just click the green button below and fill out the simple form to get instant access right now.

- Matt


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If you don’t like this for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all: simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 60 days.

100 % Money Back

Finally Learn The Truth About What It Takes To Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Spotify

I won't lie to you... Facebook Ads can be daunting to take on.

However, let me ask you this:

If you don't start mastering Facebook Ads today, what does your tomorrow look like?

No automated system that gets you new fans and listeners every single day.

No way to reliably make the Spotify algorithm work for you.

More wasting time and money on what doesn't work.

More crickets when you release that brand new song you're so excited about.

With that said, there is always an alternative...

Because I've heard that spending your time making cringe TikTok vids can actually get some pretty decent results as well. 😉

Get Instant Access Today

✔️ Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

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