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Revealed: How To Make 5,012,779 Streams SLOWLY with "Copy/Paste" Music Promotion Campaigns

Finally find real fans that will actually stream your music, without stress or frustration

Heres' the thing... Spotify, social media, and Facebook Ads all suck.

And "apparently" they work wonders for artists...

Which sucks for me because every single time I release a new song, I always wish it would get more streams than it does. Every. Single. Time.

But not only have I spent 1,000s of dollars and hours getting good at music...

I've also spent faithfully continued to spend my own time and limited money trying to get my music to "pop of" (or at least have a few people listen to it)...

...with not much to show for it.

I've been trying to make something happen with my music for the last 12 years and it's always been my dream to go "full-time" with music.

I've experimented with different genres, played in bands and on my own, and even had my high school "show promotion" company mentioned in the news and a University of Toronto textbook:

The truth is that no matter what different strategies, tactics, or "music marketing" techniques I tried...

Nothing ever really stuck or got me any "meaningful" results with my music.

So one day I started thinking:

It is only a matter of time before I need to give in and face the reality that...

It was stupid to think I could ever make it in music and I should just stick to a soul-sucking 9-to-5 just like everyone else, right?


The people who are consistently making money on streaming are already successful, have a record label on their side and a boat load of money to blow on marketing…

On top of that:

There are just too many artists these days – making it very, very difficult to get noticed - it feels like finding success with Spotify is like throwing a pebble in the ocean.

There is just no way I could make it work all by myself...

Marketing is too technical, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, and I’d rather be spending all of that effort making meaningful music anyways... right?

...So One Day I Did The Unthinkable

I not only gave up on trying to make something happen with music...

I gave up on creating the music I loved so much altogether.

The shocking truth is that it was in these "Musical Dark Ages" that I found the spark the wouldn't change absolutely everything for me.

Instead of focusing on "hacks" and "Get Streams Quickly" schemes...

I discovered an unusual "release strategy" that grew my Spotify and music career with what was right under my nose the whole time.

The best part?

I actually didn't have to waste all my time and mental health on things like Spotify, social media, or Facebook Ads to start getting results like these:

I finally discovered a unique “hands off” trick to attract hordes of fans eager to support me and my music.

I actually became the artist that spends more time creating music than doing annoying marketing or promotion... but still gets explosive streaming numbers.

The odd little secret of “copying and pasting” allowed me to retake control of my time and energy to finally kickstart a real music career that I had always dreamed of since before high school.

The worst part?

I had almost given up again after getting back up on the horse and almost completely missed out on getting result I never even knew I was capable of:

No more relying on "hope" or "luck" for my next release to be a success.

Knowing exactly how Spotify, it's algorithm, and playlists work so that Spotify works for me and my goals instead of the other way around.

Real fans waiting for the new songs I effortlessly drop each month, labels and music industry folk asking how I'm able to do all of this, even earning some decent money directly from my music...

All with a simple "Copy And Paste" release strategy and proven music marketing tactics.

All almost completely thrown away, wasted, and missed out on from nearly giving up just too soon...

How I Went From 0 to 1,000,000 Streams In 28 Days

After putting in years of time and effort into my own music...

I figured out a specific strategy that turned the Spotify algorithm in my favor to got me over 5 million streams on Spotify and landed 20 of my songs on 16 different official Editorial playlists.

...and now I want to share the strategies, techniques, and exact templates that I used with you.

Spotify has specific "algorithm" playlists that any artist (no matter how big OR small) can take advantage of.

By sending "highly targeted" listeners to your Spotify, it is possible for any artist to "hack" the Spotify algorithm to get results like I have with this "strategy".

No more feeling overwhelmed with all the different strategies, tactics and knowing where the heck to even start.

This step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense online course walks you through my entire process for going from zero to 1,000,000 streams.

This is your personal shortcut to transform into a “music business” instead of a “helpless musician”.

If you're completely frustrated and fed up with the time and money you've poured into your music to get little or no results... 

Learn what to do when it feels like you are spinning your wheels with your music marketing and promotion with everything that the “pros” know about turning a complete stranger into a raving fan.

Become The Artist That Spends More Time Making Music Than Annoying "Promotion" or "Marketing"

In this practical and comprehensive course on how to find success on Spotify, you will get access to the exact strategies, techniques, and tactics that I’ve personally used to get over 5 million streams on Spotify to date.

This is NOT just a series of motivational series and speeches - each major training (Yes! There are several of them included for you) have actionable worksheets and exercises in addition to text and video lessons.

You’ll learn how you to apply what you’ve learned immediately to your own music career – regardless of genre or current number of fans – and begin your journey from 0 to 1,000,000 streams.

There are even simple "Templates" you can use TODAY to quickly create video ads, social posts, and other "marketing material" that is already proven to work.

Now before you continue...

WARNING! This program is extensive - it is about how you can transform into a "Music Releasing Machine" that gets the type of results that will make other artists and industry folk come asking for your secret.

This is not about some sketchy "get streams quick" scheme or 1 "quick win" - it's about stacking enough "quick wins" to build a real sense of momentum and "buzz" around you and your music.

"...but does this really work?"

Take a look at the results that both my students and I personally have achieved with the strategies, templates, worksheets, and workflows you'll have access to with this training program:

  • Tap to view the Editorial playlists


Best Friends Club


4 Spotify Editorial Placements

Lofi Nights

Best Friends Club


7 Spotify Editorial Placements


Best Friends Club


9 Spotify Editorial Placements

i love everything

shy kids


Head Rush

Art d'Ecco


1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Killer Cut Offs (Remix)



1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Note: The above numbers reflect streams on Spotify only and as of July 15th, 2021

No More Relying On "Hope" Or "Luck" For Your Next Release To Be A Hit

  • If you’re tired of testing endless strategies and techniques, here’s how to get dependable and reliable Spotify streams with this dead-simple “Rinse & Repeat” music marketing strategy (they’ll call you “lazy” but the results speak for themselves!)

  • Learn exactly how Spotify, it’s algorithm, and it’s many playlists work in-depth and exactly how you can stop working for Spotify and make Spotify work for you instead.

  • Better than Spotify streams. Get more than 3x MORE streams at a fraction of the cost with this “magic number” on Spotify that is hidden in plain sight (Hint: get streams for life instead of JUST streams for the song you are promoting!)

  • The #1 most overlooked way to get on 1,000s of “career-changing” Spotify playlists. Get 8 times the playlist adds at a fraction of the effort with this promotion strategy.

  • How to turn around around a failing release no matter how lost or hopeless you feel - review this lesson for a simple 3 step formula that will get you back on track in 10 minutes or less.

Imagine Consistently Hitting Your Streaming Goals & Outdoing Yourself Every Release

  • The #1 mistake even pro artists, music marketers and big record labels make that slaughters the reach of their music.. and how a simple “adjustment” to the your release strategy will instantly increase streams and fan growth by 200% or more.

  • No more feeling utterly stressed out on release day. Just do this to so you can downright love your release day instead of losing sleep and agonizing that you haven’t done enough.

  • No more beating your head against the wall with different strategies and tactics. Just rinse and repeat this release strategy to leave your music promotion on cruise control.

  • The truth about planning a proper release - and why 99% of artists totally blow this on their very first release.

  • 4 often ignored ways to overshadow your past results you get with every song you drop... it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to this and suffering mental block. These techniques give you a clear path to out do yourself release after release after release.

A “lazy man’s” Technique For Professionally Releasing & Promoting Your Music

  • No more wasted time, energy and money trying to reinvent the wheel from release to release - Get 8x more done without feeling stressed out, frustrated or overwhelmed with 9 proven time-management and productivity hacks.

  • What you must do immediately to run promo campaigns that don’t suck. Get results even though the strategies and tactics are easily repeatable and low-cost.

  • WARNING - You may already be making these 3 common mistakes when creating posts for social media and music promotion that destroy your energy, results, stream counts... and your mental health.

  • Why you should never do “150 things” to promote your music.. and the 7 simple things you should do instead to massively grow your Spotify with less stress and energy-drain.

Make Spotify Work For You ...Instead Of Working For Spotify

  • How to use the secret of a “custom release plan” to make the Spotify algorithm work for you to take total control of your music career... no matter what stage you are currently at!

  • The quickest, easiest way to trigger the Spotify algorithm to get 1,000s of free streams. Use this unique “release strategy” to grow your Spotify with what’s right under your nose.

  • The absolute most BRUTAL times to distribute, pitch, and promote your music (100% avoidable and easy to correct with the right “strategy”).

  • The single biggest secret about the Spotify “algorithm” and how it reveals a “no-brainer” release plan that any artist should follow to finally make something happen with their music.

How To Make The Spotify Editors Give A Shit About You

  • Why less talented beginners are able to get their music playlisted by the Spotify editors (in spite of 60,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify every day)... with ZERO marketing experience.

  • Why the Spotify editors keep turning a blind eye to your music (no matter how great it is). And how you can use their position as a “gatekeeper” against them to get your music playlisted.

  • The bizarre reason why NOT focusing on official Spotify editorial playlists is exactly how you can earn these life-changing playlists (and the dead simple thing you SHOULD focus your time and effort on instead).

  • Better than playlists. Stop misusing your limited time reaching out to playlist curators and blogs so you can focus on writing and releasing more great music instead.

  • The single biggest secret to making the Spotify editors (and algorithm!) actually give a shit about you and your music - not doing this is the #1 mistake even pro artists and labels make that YOU can easily avoid.

The Truth About "Hacking" The Spotify Algorithm

  • The 4 specific numbers that the Spotify algorithm is looking at when deciding whether or not to give your song 1,000s of free streams and add your music to 1,000s of playlists.

  • The real secret to getting 1,000,000 streams in just 28 days that no one else wants to admit to (and why only 20% of artists trying to make it today will truly “get it” and start taking advantage of this today).

  • 5 hard truths successful artists must accept to “make it” as a top artist on Spotify - Unfortunately, only 10 - 20% are ready for this and have what it takes to take advantage of these “secrets”.

  • The shocking truth about Spotify’s editors and official editorial playlists. Why after getting on over 20 of them and passing 5 million streams that I still focus on the Spotify algorithm and do NOT focus on these playlists.

  • How a “secret” found in both Google and YouTube’s algorithm “tech” can be used to help you “hack” the Spotify algorithm to get 1,000s of new fans, listeners, and streams on Spotify’s dollar NOT yours.

Why "Facebook Ads" Almost NEVER Work By Themselves...

  • Why rookie artists that think their main source of streams will come directly from Facebook Ads (and how you can actually use ads correctly to achieve massive growth on Spotify).

  • 2 simple commonly used advertising tactics can “program” the subconscious of the fans and listeners of artists that you look up to or sound like to think you’re bigger than you are and worth listening to right away. (1 is a simple audience targeting technique and the other is a must-have marketing technique mostly used in E-Commerce businesses)

  • If you’re fed up with wasting money on Facebook Ads that don’t bring in real streams, here’s how to run ads like a hyper-results-focused “E-commerce” business. The exact same tactics that generate them millions in sales can be adapted to generate you millions in streams.

  • What to do if you’re having a hard time finding a “target audience” that not only clicks on your ads and social posts but actually streams your music and follows your online profiles to stay up-to-date. You’ll never dream of handing over your marketing and promotion to anyone else once you get this right.

  • The single most useful thing I learned using Facebook Ads to generate over $4,000,00USD in revenue as the VP of Marketing at the job I recently left to go full-time with music - You simply can’t learn this from marketers that don’t have experience outside of the music industry.

  • 2 often ignored tactics for building an audience that actually wants to support you and your upcoming releases.. these techniques will make fans fall in love with you without draining your time and energy.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels With "Social Media" & "Content Creation"

...The only 2 types of “social media content” you need to massively grow your Spotify streams without wasting your time and energy

  • Step-by-step formula to creating a social media strategy that brings new fans through the door and grows your Spotify streams WITHOUT burning out or feeling like you time is being wasted.

  • How to “properly” use social media to grow your streams AND build real lasting fan relationships. Once you know the secret, you’ll find this is the quickest way to get winning “content” out there that actually works for you instead of just wasting your time.

  • If you’re tired of “running on a treadmill” with social media, here’s how to get serious “bang for buck” out of your posts so you can focus on improving as an artist and songwriter instead of being a “content creator”.

  • Do you make these catastrophic mistakes with social media? Stop wasting your time and energy on “content creation” with this simple trick.

  • Where to find amazing social media ideas from the time you spend creating music and living life - take advantage of how much work you’re already doing each day.

Step-By-Step Formula For Facebook Ads That Trigger The Spotify Algorithm

Get Free Streams - It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to Facebook Ads or just haven’t kept up with recent changes!

  • Why the single most common way to grow streams with Facebook Ads is used incorrectly or ineffectively by artists and exactly how you can find fans that are dying to stream your music quickly and effectively.

  • Step-by-step formula for launching Facebook Ads that trigger the Spotify algorithm to get you free streams - how to properly run Facebook ads that grow your Spotify streams and the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” trick to make sure your clicks actually turn into real streams (beginners and pros mess this up to lose 1,000s of streams)

  • No More Bad Ads. 4 tips to quickly make sure your ad campaigns are effective and actually turn a click on Facebook into a real stream on Spotify.

  • How to use “lazy” video ads to explode your streams.. no matter your genre, unique style or “niche” (For example, you’d be amazed at how your album art can transform into a powerful tool when used correctly).

  • Exactly what you can do to combat the increasingly high costs of using Facebook Ads (knowing how to use this simple trick will be THE main weapon in your arsenal for driving down costs)

Super-Charge Your Music Marketing Dollars

  • DEVASTATING: The #1 mistake most independent musicians make to completely waste their budget and worse.. have 0 streams to show for their effort. And the #1 EASIEST way to make sure you never drop the ball and always stay in control of your success.

  • Why having LESS time and money on your hands than pro artists and record labels do is the exact reason your releases can outperform theirs (the trick is focusing on just a few and very specific tasks that actually move the needle)

  • Super-charge your marketing dollars while minimizing your music-related expenses - skipping this step makes promoting your music stressful and is a fast-track to failing or even worse... giving up on music completely.

  • If you’re currently working a day job, I guarantee I can help you carve out a “music marketing budget” that gets you great results without breaking the bank - 96% of artists make this crucial mistake when figuring out how to promote their music.

  • The single most important “budgeting” tip for investing into your music career without stress. Just use this free tool to make the most of your money (applies to both your music and your personal life).

Professional Music Marketing Results For Time-Strapped Artists

  • 2 out of every 3 Americans say they feel rushed every day (Social Indicators Research). But did you know simple productivity hacks can make sure you effectively manage your time can help you dramatically increase your Spotify streams?

  • The #1 EASIEST way to make sure you have enough time to work on getting results with your music - immediately get closer to your goals with the “work for yourself first” method.

  • The single most important trick to organizing your creative output for the week, month, and even the full year. And the “app” that for this simple hack is already installed on your phone.

  • The easiest way to fast-track your success: 6 simple templates you can use TODAY to quickly create video ads, social posts, and music links that are already PROVEN to work.

3 Proven Cures For Not Triggering The Spotify Algorithm

...and what you must do immediately to save your releases from not even passing the >1000 mark.

  • What to do when it feels like you are spinning your wheels with your music marketing and promotion. Whether you’re making thousands, hundreds or 0 streams, this is the #1 question you will want to ask yourself.

  • 7+ examples of how to turn around a release that isn’t performing as great as you want it to - what you must do immediately to save your release campaign before it’s too late.

  • A day-by-day breakdown of what you should be doing to make the most out of your release and get the maximum number of streams possible - have your hand held every step of the way to make sure your music get the results it deserves.

  • 8 examples of what can impact the results you get on Spotify and what the 1 area you should focus on improving if you have limited time and money.

  • Why most artists don’t see results after taking a course (even if they are super ambitious and dedicated).. and the framework and personalized recommendations you can follow to make sure you continue to see growth and results for months (if not years).

Here's exactly what you get when you sign up today...

The Spotify Success Method is an online course consisting of video & text lessons, worksheets and exercises. The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through my entire process for going from zero to 1,000,000 streams.

Training 1: The Ultimate Release Plan To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days

What you'll learn | $100 Value

Set the foundations for your success by learning exactly how the Spotify algorithm works and how you can use that knowledge to turn the algorithm in your favor to get free streams from user, algorithmic, and editorial playlists.

  • How the Spotify algorithm actually works so that you can hack the Spotify algorithm to get free streams
  • Exactly how to get on Spotify's Editorial, Algorithmic, and User playlists to boost your stream counts
  • Craft a custom 6 - 12 month release strategy for your very own music 
Training 2: Accounts & Content Essentials For Spotify Success

What you'll learn | $100 Value

By the end of this training you will have everything you need to succeed on Spotify: lots of good music, mastery of the online platforms, and all the templates required for growing your streams.

  • How to prepare a foolproof social media strategy, Music Links that work, and all the "content" you need
  • How to get your music on Spotify with an official Artist Profile and successfully pitch to the Spotify editors
  • How you can actually make your music "good" & make lots of it so that always have music to release
Training 3: The 7 Step Release System For Spotify Success

What you'll learn | $150 Value

It's time to put your release campaign together. Learn how to adjust the strategy based on your initial results so that you can improve your stream and follower counts release after release.

  • How to actually run Facebook ads for Spotify growth so you can find real fans who like similar music to yours
  • How to run your campaigns with a shoestring budget and 0% stress yet still get incredible results
  • How to improve your results every single release so that you your releases get better and easier every time

Extra bonuses to make things easier

Make it from zero to 1,000,000 streams quicker, more easily, and with less headaches by taking advantage of the free bonuses in the regular course as well as the extra bonuses included in the Advanced tier of the Spotify Success Method.


Tried and true templates | $67 Value

Get started faster with the exact smart link, social media, and video ad templates I personally used to get over 3.5 million Spotify streams.

Skip the 1,000s of dollars and hours I spent A/B testing different ideas with these conversion-optimized templates.


Cheat sheets and check lists | $47 Value

Get exactly the info you need, exactly when you need it. You will find 5+ cheat sheets and check lists to make the course exercises easier to complete and the lessons easier to learn.

In fact, I still personally use these to make my own releases go smoother and with less stress.


Advanced Facebook Ads For Spotify Success| $100 Value

Learn the advanced tactics you need to make your Facebook Ads actually turn into real streams on Spotify.

The same "tricks" that E-Commerce businesses use to make millions of dollars with Facebook Ads can be used to make you millions of streams.


Find Your Fans Targeting Guide| $50 Value

Use this powerful Audience Targeting Guide so that you can easily find your fans and target audience.

Learn how to use free tools inside of Facebook Ads to "steal" the fans of similar artists and genres who are most likely to love your music.


Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success| $50 Value

Learn how to get started with Facebook Ads by getting the basics done right.

Run your ads with confidence knowing that your tracking and installation has been set up without any errors that can cost you conversion and streams down the line.


Get More Streams With Smart Links Course| $50 Value

Get more streams, sales and fans by cloning any smart link tool out there (ToneDen, Linktree, etc).

No more wasting time signing up for multiple services or wondering if you chose the right one.


Direct contact & support| $250 Value

Get direct contact and support from your teacher (aka me!). I'm 100% dedicated to helping get you results and will personally work with you to make sure you do.


Making It Work With Limited Time| $75 Value

Take control of your time with my productivity hacks so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the hours in the day.

A must have for artists with limited time, a family, or full-time job.


Making It Work With Limited Money| $75 Value

Take control of your financial situation so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the dollars left in your wallet.

A must have for artists with little money to spend on music marketing.


My Top Secret Data | $97 Value

Get the data of 15+ releases done with the Spotify Success method. From utter failures to campaigns that got millions of streams and a handful of Editorial playlists.

I've documented each release I've done on a daily basis to track what works and what doesn't. Plus, I continue to update these in real-time as a I release new music each and every month


Priority Support| $500 Value

Students on the Advanced tier get quicker responses from me (I always do my best to reply quickly, with Advanced students I simply try even harder!).


Future "Spotify Success" Courses| $100 Value

I'm constantly trying to improve my courses and develop new courses that can help artists reach their goals. Any new courses I create that can help an artist "succeed on Spotify" will be given to Advanced students for free, forever.

So... Why Not Keep All These "Secrets" To Myself?

To put it simply: the feeling of having your music career under control and constantly growing is intoxicating.

It literally took me weeks to get over the fact my music was added to official Spotify playlists and started getting 10,000s of streams per day at it's peak.

With each streaming milestone, major playlist add, or cool fan reaching out to let me know what my music means to them... that intoxicating "high" always comes back with a sweet vengeance.

That feeling is so sweet, I've made it my life's mission to help as many other artists that were struggling like I was to experience it as well.

And to be very real with you...

I personally get that same intoxicating "high" every time I'm able to have a positive impact on an artist's career in any massive impactful way or even small modest way.

That's one of the big reasons why I straight-up give away 80 - 90% of my knowledge on growing on Spotify freely on my blog and YouTube channel.

I truly believe the world would be a better place if more people like you and I were able to freely give our music, creativity, and art to the world.

Without the rusty shackles of "capitalism" and wasting time working our asses off without any true purpose (don't get me started! that's a story for another time, my friend aha).

Although the truth is that in an ideal world I'd be able to make the world a better place only by creating and releasing my own music...

I've realized that I have a much greater chance of making a difference by helping as many artists like you make the world a better place as well.

And one last personal "secret" of mine to share:

I don't own any lambos or mansions - I live in my Dad's basement for most of the year.

Any money that I earn from my music or teaching others how to be successful with theirs is put right back into figuring out how to get my own music heard and taken to new heights.

This is why purchasing something I've created for you or recommend is not just an investment in yourself...

It's also an investment in someone who is truly dedicated to figuring out how musicians like you and I can succeed in this crazy world.


The truth is that only a small handful of passionate and dedicated artists will benefit from the extra 20% I have to give anyway.

Not everyone who pursues music is actually serious about truly making it in music.

For those that are:

I've put everything I know into an organized and comprehensive program that lights the path (without skipping a step) for how you can get the intoxicating "high" of finally making something happen with your music.

Get Instant Access Today

  • The Ultimate Release Plan To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days ($100 Value)
  • Accounts & Content Essentials For Spotify Success ($100 Value)
  • The 7 Step Release System For Spotify Success ($150 Value)
  • Tried and True Templates ($67 Value)
  • Cheat sheets and check lists ($47 Value)
  • Advanced Facebook Ads For Spotify Success ($100 Value)
  • Find Your Fans Targeting Guide ($50 Value)
  • Beginner's Guide To Facebook Ads For Spotify Success ($50 Value)
  • Get More Streams With Smart Links Course ($50 Value)
  • Direct contact & support ($250 Value)
  • Making It Work With Limited Time ($75 Value)
  • Making It Work With Limited Money ($75 Value)
  • My Top Secret Data ($97 Value)
  • Priority Support ($500 Value)
  • Future "Spotify Success" Courses ($100 Value)

That comes out to a total value of $1811.

But you get everything today for just $350 $97.

Why such a steep discount?

It's simple: the lower the price.. the more artists that I can help to make a difference in their careers and lives.

Just by reaching this point, I know you must be serious about music and are dedicated to making a difference with your art just like I am.

However - too low of a price and I'll have to deal with a massive influx of "artists" that aren't serious about music or are just trying to look for a "get rich quick" scheme to take advantage of others.

With that said...

I'm so confident that if you're unsatisfied for absolutely any reason at all, just email me at matt@bestfriendsclub.ca within 60 full days of placing your order and I'll refund you.

No questions asked or having to anything ridiculous like having to "prove you did the work".

Just click the green button below and fill out the simple form to get instant access right now:


The essential Spotify Success Method

$147 $77

  • Lifetime access to all trainings $350
  • Templates, cheatsheets, and checklists $114
  • 4 bonus courses & guides $250
  • Direct contact & support $250
  • Free future updates to your course material

The full Spotify Success Method, complete with all current and future bonuses

$350 $97

Everything in "Regular", plus:

  • 2 extra bonus guides for maximizing your time and money $150
  • My top secret data $97
  • Priority support $500
  • Future "Spotify Success" courses, trainings, and guides $100


If you don’t like this for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all: simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 60 days.

100 % Money Back

If You Don't Take Control Of Your Music Career Today... What Does Your Tomorrow Look Like?

Your music being flat out ignored by fans and "gatekeepers" no matter how great your music is.

The stress, anxiety, and worry of always feeling like "there is more you can do" on release day.

Beating your head against the wall with social media, ads and all the different strategies and tactics overwhelming you each time you release new music.

Relying on “hope” or “luck” for your next release to be a success instead of following easily repeatable strategies and tactics.

Spinning your wheels with figuring out how to promote and market your music properly.

To put it simply: more wasted time, money, and energy on things that leave you feeling drained and helpless instead of energized and excited about the fact you just released some amazing music you worked so damn hard on.

"But, Matt!" I hear you saying...

"You need a label or manager to be a successful artist, right?"

...don't be so sure.

"Labels" and "Managers" can be a literal deathtrap for your music career.

With the right knowledge and guidance can you learn how to be your own manager and your own record label.

You'll not only have more freedom with your music career, but you also won't have to give away a cut of your earnings for work that you can learn how to do better yourself anyway.

If you have ambition, determination and a pinch of patience, the “secret” knowledge and proven path to growing your Spotify and music career all by yourself is right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have an fanbase or audience?

Having some kind of fanbase or audience can definitely be helpful and make things much easier, but this course is designed to show you how you can start seeing success on Spotify even if you don't have an audience of your own yet. I got to where I am today without an audience. In fact, I didn't even tell friends or family that I started my musical project.

What if I don't have enough (or "good enough") music to release?

Most music marketers will say something along the lines of "obviously the first step is to make sure you have great music" and leave it at that. In this course, I actually provide dedicated lessons and exercises to make your music "good enough" and to make sure you have plenty of music to release.

What if I don't have any new music to release?

Although you can use music that's already been released, promoting music within it's first 28 days of release is the best way to get on Spotify's algorithmic playlists to get free streams and fans sent to your music. This is why I actually provide dedicated lessons and exercises to make sure you have plenty of music to release.

Do I get access to the entire course when signing up?

Yes! You'll get access to all the modules and lessons the moment you sign up. This means you can take the course as slowly or as quickly as you want. If you want to go through all the lessons and set up your own course in the shortest amount possible, nothing will stop you from doing that, my friend.

Does this strategy really work... how do I even know I can trust you?

I'm not a marketing guru or business expert - I'm a musician that knows a lot about marketing. I've spent the better part of my whole life dedicated to music and trying to make something happen in music.

The strategies I teach in this course are the very same that I've used myself to get over 3,500,000 streams on Spotify. 

After helping a handful of friends across different genres in my music scene achieve amazing results, I decided to put everything I know into 1 single result-focused course to help as many dedicated music creators as possible do the same. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Is there a place where I can ask questions?

Yes! In the course, there's a comment area which allows you to ask questions and get answers directly from myself in addition to the other members of the course.

How is the course delivered?

When you sign up to the course you'll get instant access to a membership area where you'll be able to watch, read and listen to the lessons no matter what device you're using. You will also be able to easily find all of the exercises, cheat sheets and checklists inside of your membership area.

Hello, my friend!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that whether or not you take this particular course, I do truly believe that you can make it in music one way or another. In my experience, all it really takes is hard work, dedication, and lots of experimenting.

If I could explain to you exactly what it felt like in November 2020 when my song Lofi Nights started getting picked up by Spotify's editors... believe me, I would. But, I figure it'd be easier to show you how you can get the same result and feel the same feeling yourself instead.

This course is simply meant to help you get to where you want to be quicker. It still takes plenty of dedication but, at least I can help lighten your load when it comes to some of the hard work and experimenting!

I'm truly proud of the course that I've put together for you and I'm confident that I can help you overcome your unique struggles and, finally, help you make something happen with your music.

Thanks for your time and I'll see you inside.


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