Put your wallet away! Properly release music WITHOUT spending a single dime.

Easily get YOUR music on Spotify for $0 (...AND have fans lining up to listen!)

"I look at myself, and most of my musician friends, and frankly the music ability and the marketing ability just don’t seem to naturally go together. But this system is is a rare breed (combining musical savvy and marketing savvy). This system has come at just the right time for me, as I’m starting out releasing music."

Tom Sykes


Do you have a deep desire to get started releasing original music but feel like you shouldn't even bother because you...

❌ Don’t have money to spend on a "music career"

❌ Feel overwhelmed by technological barriers that are constantly getting more complex and out of reach

❌ Don't have the same networking opportunities as younger artists who are actively engaging in the current music scene

Which sucks because you KNOW your music is good enough.. (heck even great enough to go toe to toe with the crap that is out there today)

The music industry has evolved significantly over the years, but you know that one thing has remained the same...

Great music wins.

...and YOU happen to have some pretty great music, dontcha?

You might be familiar with traditional record deals, CD and vinyl distribution, etc....

But what about of the intricacies of:

❓ Digital music distribution

❓ Streaming "algorithms"

❓ Online promotion and digital marketing

It can seem like a lot (trust me, I had to figure it all out on my lonesome).

Sure - it might make sense at first to step back from this and wait it out but, here's my question to you:

...how long are you going to keep waiting for the "right moment" to release your art to the world?

Let me put it even in even simpler terms for you, my friend...

You're not getting any younger...

Don't get me wrong...

It's normal to question if there's still a place for your music in the "modern music scene".

It's normal to not be completely sure if you can compete with the younger artists of today.

They may have the leg up on you in terms of getting to the latest and most "cutting-edge" ways to get their music released and promoted.

But there's a "con" to go along with that "pro" that they may have on you...

Most of the information and tactics on releasing and promoting music happens to be 1 of 2 things:

🅰️ Overly focused on highly-technical and overly-expensive digital advertising tactics that are done WRONG

🅱️ Playlist and promotion "services" that are scams that give them fake plays and ultimately hurt their position the algorithm

This all means that...

It's actually a GOOD thing you haven't fallen for these Top 2 mistakes that 90% of artists get completely wrong (..yet)

Here's why the tactics and strategies that younger artists focus on fall short:

  • They assume you have hours of spare time, plenty of money to invest, and a pHD in marketing.
  • They're always trying to sell you on something else (ie: a super expensive agency or some "special" software that they happen to own)
  • They use overly complicated tools that come with their own set of challenges on their own.

Put simply: they are simply NOT customized for everyday artists that work a day job and have limited time, energy, and money to put into a new music career.

Imagine Consistently Hitting Your Streaming Goals & Outdoing Yourself Every Release..

What if you could go at YOUR own pace on your journey to becoming a real Spotify Artist that has REAL fans streaming your music... (...even though you currently have $0 to invest in your music?)

What if you could take advantage of the "Spotify Algorithm" and basic Social Media tools to minimize the amount of time needed while getting awesome snowball results?

You see, I've personally been in the position where I've had $0 to put into my music career but wanted to get started SO badly that I didn't know where to start...

So one day, I did just that: I started releasing music.

6.5+ million streams later, I've figured out how to do it with AND without a music marketing budget.

I then refined this approach by applying it to my own releases (over 50 times!) and then helping over 450 other students apply it to their releases too...

Listen: you may not be able to hit a zillion streams in 1 week with your 1st release without a penny to spend on promoting yourself BUT...

...by applying this special "Zero-budget approach” to your own music, you'll be able to make sure you're getting this "releasing music like a pro" thing RIGHT from the very START.

Release your music right the first time

In this practical and comprehensive program on how to find success on Spotify with YOUR music...

✓ You'll discover your personal guide to free tools, platforms, and resources that allow you to release & promote your music without any financial investment

✓ You'll be greeted with simple step-by-step instructions & simple tech recommendations (catered specifically to anyone who dubs themselves "less than tech-savvy")

✓ You'll be focusing only the most important 5 essential steps that MOVE the needle and completing ignoring the usual bombardment of endless information for information's sake

You'll soon understand why 97% of artists get the basics completely wrong when first getting started taking their music career seriously...


The Zero-Budget Spotify System

  • 5 no-fuss steps so you get your music on Spotify quickly and easily
  • 5 quick and easy ways to become the Spotify artist that gets their music STREAMED (without breaking your bank, wallet, or back)
  • My proven checklists and templates for avoiding beginner mistakes and wasting the potential of your music - get it right the first time!
  • How to choose the right tools and partners with 3 options for smart artists (a $0 option, a budget option, and an option so expensive smart artists should ALWAYS avoid)
  • Access the course content on your phone, computer or tablet to work on your music career anytime… anymore!
  • How to get your music on Spotify for $0 so you can release music in a way that fans will be lining up to listen without completely emptying your wallet on the way.
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake that too many cash-strapped artists make when releasing music.

The old ways of making it music are long gone and the overly "modern" methods almost never work for 99% of everyday artists..

Whether it's because it is completely outdated or simply TOO unrealistic in the way it takes too much tech, too much time, and too much money...

You've spent far too long perfecting your craft and polishing your diamonds in the rough to throw it all away using a system that is completely wrong for you, so...

What artists like you are saying..

Simon Quinn

The Safety Word

This advice was specific and actionable, in fact I was able to implement a number of his suggestions straight away.

I would highly recommend this if you're feeling a little lost or like you just need a push in the right direction.

I especially appreciate how this addresses the nitty gritty and gives me actionable suggestions.

David Siegel

Tabitha Rasa Project

I feel supported in a world that hasn’t always felt supportive.

I am a creative but find the more strategic planning side of things are where I get stuck but now I’m feeling more motivated to navigate both worlds.

Vanessa K.


Here's exactly what you get when you sign up today...

The Zero-Budget Spotify System is an online course consisting of video & text lessons, worksheets and exercises. The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through releasing and promoting your music without a "marketing budget".

Lesson 1
Get The Foundations Right: Your Audio & Artwork

$50 Value!

  • Unlock the secret to preparing your audio and artwork in HQ formats - enjoy having ZERO tech issues
  • Make every step of the process a breeze by discovering the zen of a well organized Spotify release folder
Lesson 2
From Your Studio to the World: Music Distribution Made Simple

$50 Value!

  • From Spotify to Apple Music and beyond - have your music heard far and wide without breaking the bank
  • Check off all the right boxes - no steps missed from the beginning all the way to smashing "Done!"
  • Explore the world of free or affordable music distribution options that don’t sacrifice quality or reach
Lesson 3
Your Music Everywhere, Effortlessly: Social Media Promotion on Autopilot

$50 Value!

  • Discover how your music can be shared with the world  on autopilot (...even while you’re catching some Z's)
  • Never be unsure of what or when to post with my tried & true drag-and-drop templates
  • Grow your fanbase without it taking over your life by using these 2 smart & automated tools (..they're free too!)
Lesson 4
Protecting Your Masterpiece: Copyright & Music Publishing Fundamentals

$50 Value!

  • Stop leaving music publishing money on the table! Unlock different royalty and revenue streams available to you as a published Spotify artist
  • Safeguard yourself AND your music - shield your creations from wrong-doers and secure your rights
Lesson 6
The Ripple Effect: Advanced Music Promotion Explained

$50 Value!

  • How to improve your results every single release so that you your releases get better and easier every time
  • Go beyond releasing just 1 song and learn the #1 release strategy for absolutely crushing it on Spotify

Extra bonuses to make things easier

Release your work to the world quicker, more easily, and with less headaches by taking advantage of the free bonuses I want to make sure you have with you on your musical journey:


Making It Work With Limited Time| $75 Value

Take control of your time with my productivity hacks so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the hours in the day.

A must have for artists with limited time, a family, or full-time job.


Making It Work With Limited Money| $75 Value

Take control of your financial situation so that you can effectively release music without worrying about the dollars left in your wallet.

A must have for artists with little money to spend on music marketing.


Tried and true templates | $67 Value

Get started faster with the exact smart link, social media, and video ad templates I personally used to get over 3.5 million Spotify streams.

Skip the 1,000s of dollars and hours I spent A/B testing different ideas with these conversion-optimized templates.


Cheat sheets and check lists | $47 Value

Get exactly the info you need, exactly when you need it. You will find 5+ cheat sheets and check lists to make the course exercises easier to complete and the lessons easier to learn.

In fact, I still personally use these to make my own releases go smoother and with less stress.


Direct contact & support| $250 Value

Get direct contact and support from your teacher (aka me!). I'm 100% dedicated to helping get you results and will personally work with you to make sure you do.

Get Instant Access To The Zero-Budget Spotify System, Today

  • The Zero-Budget Spotify System ($250 Value)
  • Making It Work With Limited Time ($75 Value)
  • Making It Work With Limited Money ($75 Value)
  • Tried and True Templates ($67 Value)
  • Cheat sheets and check lists ($47 Value)
  • Direct contact & support ($250 Value)

That comes out to a total value of $764.

But you get everything today for just $47 $27. 

Considering most distribution, social media, and promotion tools cost a minimum of $10 per month EACH...

You can begin to understand why a small investment now can save you $100s in the future.

Ok fine! ...but why such an eye-watering discount then?

It's simple: the lower the price.. the more artists that I can help to make a difference in their careers and lives.

Just by reaching this point, I know you must be serious about music and are dedicated to making a difference with your art just like I am.

However - too low of a price and I'll have to deal with a massive influx of "artists" that aren't serious about music or are just trying to look for a "get rich quick" scheme to take advantage of others.

With that said...

I'm so confident that if you're unsatisfied for absolutely any reason at all, just email me at matt@bestfriendsclub.ca within 60 full days of placing your order and I'll refund you.

No questions asked or having to anything ridiculous like having to "prove you did the work".

Just click the green button below and fill out the simple form to get instant access right now:


If you don’t like this for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all: simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 60 days.

100 % Money Back