This is a basic template that you can use regardless of what video editing software you have available.

Simply use the template, assets, and guidelines here to recreate this template in your own video software.


Video Ad Checklist:

  • Overall Video Size: 1080px by 1920px / 9:16 Ratio
  • Video Length: Under 15 seconds
  • Your Song Name (exactly as it appears on Spotify)
  • Your Artist Name (exactly as it appears on Spotify)
  • "Listen On" Text
  • Your Release Artwork (exactly as it appears on Spotify)
  • Official Spotify Logo
  • 'Swipe Up' Animation
  • Background Animation: If possible with your video editing software, it can be nice to have a very subtle animation. In my video ads: I use the album artwork as the background, heavily blur it, darken or lighten it (depending on what looks better for the artwork) and then animate the amount of blur and the zoom level + position of the artwork slightly.