Here you will find templates that can be used with the premium WordPress plugin, Thrive Architect.

Note: If you download these templates and try to open the zip file, there will just be random shite. These zip files need to be imported into Thrive Architect for them to actually work.

If you don't have Thrive Architect, you can use the Basic Music Link Template here as a guideline for recreating in the website or smart link software you have available to you.

If you'd like to use WordPress and Thrive Architect for your music links and web presence, go to this lesson.

To install and modify these templates correctly, please follow this video tutorial:

The Templates:

My 3M+ Streams Template

This is the exact template that I've used to get over 3,000,000 Spotify streams. It's super simple and focused on conversion.

MusicDen Template

This template creates a "Den" for the "Tone" of your music ;). It trades conversion-optimization for fancy-ness. 

Link In Bio #1 Template

The 'Link In Bio' template that I use for my Instagram page.

Tip: Click the 3 dots next to your song in Spotify, navigate to "Share", and select "Embed track" to get the music player code.

Link In Bio #2 Template

A simpler version of the "Link In Bio #1" template that uses static artwork for your release instead of the Spotify music player at the top.