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Learn the story of how I found a way to make Spotify pay ME (I don't even pay for Premium hehe).

Spotify is not the end all or be all for today's artists. But learning how to "hack" it can certainly help anyone...

How a “Lazy” Artist Got  1,000,000 Spotify Streams  In Just 28 Days

A “lazy man’s” technique for promoting your music like a pro (no more wasted time, energy and money trying to reinvent the wheel from release to release).

If you've seen any of the lessons I giveaway for free on my blog or YouTube channel you've probably heard me low key brag about hitting 5 million streams.

The weirdest thing about that 5 million stream number is this:

I hated Spotify and what it does the music industry just months before.

Sure - some people are "making it happen" with Spotify but they probably have a record label and boat loads of cash for marketing.

Smaller artists don't have that kind of money and most definitely have the time between work, actually making music, and having some kind of social life.

...and then here is the real annoying part:

All of that time, effort, and money just to get $0.003 per stream?

Even after successfully using Facebook Ads and social media to trigger the algorithm to get a few thousand streams for my own music...

I was still skeptical.

These tactics cost a lot of my time, money, and energy to pull off correctly.


Releasing music every month to maximize the Spotify algorithm didn't seem easy to do either.

With a full-time job (and God forbid a social life) how would anyone be able to do all of this “music promotion” stuff all the dang time?

I almost decided to give up and go back to complaining about Spotify.

It's easier that way to be completely honest, isn't it?

...but what if there was a way to basically “Rinse and repeat” the music promotion instead?

This way I could release music consistently and simply “copy and paste” the whole promotion side of things quickly.

It'd be possible to take the most advantage of the Spotify algorithm, grow my streams steadily over time without worrying as much about what, when and how to promote my music.

Spoiler Alert: “Copy & Pasting” Actually Worked...

(...better than I could have imagined, too)

I did figure out this process and then I whittled it down to the 7 most important steps and even gave it away for free in the 7-Step Release Checklist that you probably own.

You see, 1000s of artists like you have used this free checklist to start taking their first steps towards success on Spotify.

...and you can too.

You simply need to repeat these 7 steps every time you release music and commit to releasing new music every month.

Easier said than done, right?

This is why I've made something for you to help you turn that release checklist into a simple and repeatable release system...

Why Spotify, Facebook Ads, and Social Media All Suck

(and how you can use a unique “hands off” trick to attract hordes of fans eager to support you and your art).

You see: on their own all of these things suck.

Learning how to make them all work together without spending hours and hours on TikTok or the Facebook Ads Manager is the “trick” of having the right release system.

  • If you’re tired of testing endless strategies and techniques, here’s how to get dependable and reliable Spotify streams with dead-simple “Rinse & Repeat” music promotion (they’ll call you “lazy” but the results speak for themselves!)
  • Why “Facebook Ads” almost never work by themselves. There’s a better way to get more streams, quicker, with less risk to your wallet and mental health.
  • Why you should never do “150 things” to promote your music.. and the 7 simple things you should do instead to massively grow your Spotify with less stress and energy-drain.
  • How to become the artist that spends more time creating music than doing annoying marketing or promotion but still gets explosive streaming numbers.. use the secret of “copying and pasting” to retake control of your time and effort.

How To Get 1,000,000 Spotify Streams SLOWLY With Copy/Paste Marketing Campaigns

What you must do immediately to run promo campaigns that don’t suck. Get results even though the strategies and tactics are easily repeatable and low-cost.

  • The real secret to getting 1,000,000 streams in just 28 days that no one else wants to admit to (and why only 20% of artists trying to make it today will truly “get it” and start taking advantage of this today).
  • The easiest way to grow your Spotify streams: Improve your results release after release when you “copy and paste” your promotion instead of making this “amateur” mistake.
  • Why beginners completely squander the most important asset of their release... don’t miss out on the easiest chance to increase streams from algorithmic and editorial playlists by 10x to 12x.
  • You know that 60,000 songs get pitched to the Spotify editors each day. But did you know you can use simple steps when pitching your song to cut through the noise to actually make the editors give a !@#$ about your music?

The 7-Step Release System To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days

Releasing music is hard.

Releasing music that gets impressive streaming numbers is even harder.

This is why you need a simple “release system” for your music that you can depend on each and every time you’re gearing up to drop your next hit.

No one wants to be stressed out and worried that they haven’t done enough on release day...

You want to celebrate your big day, knowing your release system is in place and doing the dirty work for you.

...so here’s what you’ll discover inside of The 7-Step Release System To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days:

Here's Everything You'll Discover

  • Exactly where each of the 7 simple steps of the 7-Step Release System begin and end - follow along at your own pace and master releasing music faster than anything else you’ve ever attempted (then repeat your perfected releases every time, without the worry of second guessing!).
  • Set your music promotion on autopilot - automatically bring in new listeners that like artists similar to you while automatically reminding your current fans to stream your new song (Even pro musicians, record labels and music marketing agencies mess up the 2nd one!)
  • A day-by-day breakdown of what you should be doing to make the most out of your release and get the maximum number of streams possible - have your hand held every step of the way to make sure your music get the results it deserves.
  • How to be the artist that gets millions of Spotify streams: put your natural “creative superpower” into overdrive before even releasing or promoting a single song.
  • The easiest way to fast-track your success: 6 simple templates you can use TODAY to quickly create video ads, social posts, and music links that are already PROVEN to work.

Learning how to “copy & paste” your music promotion with a reliable release system and proven templates, doesn’t make you a lazy artist...

It makes you a smarter artist that is always 1 step ahead in the game, my friend. 🤓

...Would You Call These Results "Lazy"?

Take a look at the results that both my students and I personally have achieved with the strategy you are about to discover:

  • Tap to view the Editorial playlists


Best Friends Club


4 Spotify Editorial Placements

Lofi Nights

Best Friends Club


7 Spotify Editorial Placements


Best Friends Club


9 Spotify Editorial Placements

i love everything

shy kids


Head Rush

Art d'Ecco


1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Killer Cut Offs (Remix)



1 Spotify Editorial Placement

Note: The above numbers reflect streams on Spotify only and as of July 15th, 2021


...are you ready to learn how you can join us, my friend?

Here's Everything You Get With The 7-Step Release System To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days

The 7-Step Release System is not just an online course, it’s a handy guide you can follow and depend on whenever it is time to release new music.

Save time, energy, and money by learning how to master the only 7 steps that you truly need to focus on to get more streams with less stress.

These 7 simple steps are the exact same that I followed (and continue to follow to this day) that were critical for me to go from 0 to over 5 million Spotify streams.

✔️ The 7 Step Release System To Get 1,00,000 Streams In 28 Days | $150.00 Value

Learn exactly how to "copy & paste" the only 7 steps you need to know to massively grow your streams. Set your music promotion on autopilot so you can focus on creating more music.

✔️ Facebook Ads For Spotify Success | $50.00 Value

Put your ad campaigns together and learn how to adjust the strategy based on your initial results so that you can improve your stream and follower counts release after release.

✔️ Social Media For Musicians (That Hate Social Media) | $50.00 Value

The only social media guide for musicians that hate posting to social media. Learn how you can easily have a growing and consistent social media presence with little stress or wasted time.

Take Your Release System To The Next Level With These Bonuses...

To make sure you get the most out of the powerful release system you are about to build for your music, I am also going to give you instant access to these special bonuses:


Tried & True Templates | $45.00 Value

Get started faster with the exact smart link, social media, and video ad templates I personally used to get over 5 million Spotify streams.


Ultimate Smart Links For Spotify Success | $50.00 Value

Learn how to choose the right "smart link" to promote your music and how it optimize it to get your more streams using real marketing-world best practises.


Direct contact & support| $250.00 Value

Get direct contact and support from your teacher (aka me!). I'm 100% dedicated to helping get you results and will personally work with you to make sure you do.

Get Instant Access To The 7-Step Release System & Bundle of Bonuses, Today

  • The 7 Step Release System To Get 1,00,000 Streams In 28 Days ($150.00 Value)
  • Facebook Ads For Spotify Success ($50.00 Value)
  • Social Media For Musicians That Hate Social Media ($50.00 Value)
  • Tried & True Templates ($45.00 Value)
  • Ultimate Smart Links For Spotify Success ($50.00 Value)
  • Direct contact & support ($250.00 Value)

That comes out to a total value of $595.

Instead.. you can get this entire bundle today for just $37.

...why such a crazy discount?

If you’ve stumbled across any of the 175+ free in-depth blog posts, 50+ free YouTube video tutorials, or free mini-courses I have available...

You may have noticed that being generous with sharing what I know and create is kind of my thing.

I’ve also come to notice that the more that I make things as accessible as possible, the more amazing things tend to happen for both me and my students.

It’s also no secret that figuring out and mastering the 7 steps of this release system has transformed me into a “music-releasing machine” and drastically changed my life for the better.

The lower the price.. the more people I can help achieve the same amazing things.

It’s as simple as that.

So just click the green button that you will see below and fill out the simple form to get instant access to everything I’ve shown you here.

..and if you're unsatisfied for absolutely any reason at all, just email me at matt@bestfriendsclub.ca within 60 full days of placing your order and I'll refund you with no questions asked.

You see, I’m so confident in the 7-Step Release System that I have no problem offering a chill “refund policy” to go along with it.

With that said: click the green button below to get started and I'll see you on the other side, my friend!


If you don’t like this for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all: simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 60 days.

100 % Money Back

Special offer ends soon! Order now and get 93% off:

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My 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchase today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 60 days. You don't need to provide "proof" that you actually attempted the strategies. All refunds are processed with no questions asked.

The Single Biggest Secret to Making Them Give A Shit About Your Music

The Spotify algorithm. Spotify editors. Music industry folk. Actual fans...

It’s possible to make them all start actually paying attention to you and your music.

...not doing this is the #1 mistake even pro artists and labels make that YOU can easily avoid.

It just takes consistency and a commitment to showing up.

Because the truth is that you do not need any courses, templates, or special bonuses to make that happen.

However, what you do need is a release system that you can copy & paste so that you can easily rinse and repeat your music promotion.

Without a reliable and dependable system to follow...

Promoting your music can feel like hell.

Constantly trying different tactics & strategies and worrying that you just haven’t done enough on release day instead of celebrating.

Never getting enough streams on your releases even though you are exhausted, stressed out and trying 150 different things like the “music marketing” gurus teach you.

Because you don’t need to worry about doing 150 potshot ideas...

You only really need to do 7 (but really, really well).

So if you are ready to take control of your releases so that you can keep your focus on creating new music and just put your music promotion on autopilot...

Simply click the big red(ish) button below to get instant access today, my friend. 🙂

Get Instant Access Today

✔️ The 7 Step Release System To Get 1,00,000 Streams In 28 Days

$100.00  $37

✔️ Facebook Ads For Spotify Success

$50.00  $0

✔️ Social Media For Musicians That HATE Social Media

$50.00  $0

✔️ Tried & True Templates

$45.00  $0

✔️ Ultimate Smart Links For Spotify Success

$50.00  $0

✔️ Direct Contact & Support

$250.00  $0



✔️ The 7 Step Release System To Get 1,000,000 Streams in 28 Days
$100.00 $37

✔️ Facebook Ads For Spotify Success
$50.00 $0

✔️ Social Media For Musicians That HATE Social Media
$50.00 $0

✔️ Tried and true templates
$45.00 $0

✔️ Ultimate Smart Links For Spotify Success
$50.00 $0

✔️ Direct Contact & Support 
$250.00 $0




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